This page details the projects I've been contributed to and classes I've taken.




  • Autodesk Tinkercad   ·   Product Design Intern | 06/18-08/18

    Tinkercad is a free online platform for 3D modeling and circuits simulation.
    I designed UX of new features in Tinkercad Circuit Editor to engage younger age users (Sketch, Illustrator) and prototyped multiple iterations of the features (Javascript). I also developed learning resources to introduce users to electrical components in Tinkercad Circuits Editor.

  • MIT CSAIL: ColorMod: Recoloring 3D Printed Objects   ·   Research Assistant | Advisor: Prof. Stefanie Mueller | 06/17-09/17

    Punpongsanon, P., Wen, X., Kim, D., Mueller, S: ColorMod: Recoloring 3D Printed Objects using Photochromic Inks. In Proceedings of ACM CHI 2018.
    ColorMod is a method for changing the color of a 3D-printed object even after fabrication. It works based on photochromic inks that can switch their appearance between transparent to colored when exposed to light of certain wave-lengths. The process is fully reversible, allowing for dynamic product design.
    I designed and implemented an user interface in Blender that allows user to convert any 3D model to be coated with photochromic material for 3D printing and to paint the digital model in order to update the physical model (Python).
    This project was published at 2018 ACM Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) conference.
    Project Documentation: https://hcie.csail.mit.edu/research/colormod/colormod.html

  • How to Make (Almost) Anything   ·   Taught by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld | 09/17-12/17

    This class covered one digital fabrication module each week, e.g. lasercutting, CNC, PCB making, casting and molding, etc.. You can follow my journey in learning how to make (almost) anything by destroying (almost) everything here :)

  • MIT CSAIL: Food 3D Printing   ·   Research Assistant | Advisor: Prof. Stefanie Mueller | 09/17-08/18

    I implemented a tool that allows user to adjust food 3D models while preserving their calorie contents (Rhino, python).
    The project was submitted to ACM Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions 2019 (under review).

  • Engineering Interactive Technologies   ·   Taught by Prof. Stefanie Mueller | 09/17-12/17

    This is a class on the history and engineering principles behind interactive technologies. My project partner Mitchell Hwang and I built a screaming canister for our final project. User can scream into the canister to relieve their stress and the decibel value of each scream will be share to a platform where all users can see who screams louder. We envision this project to be a playful way for people to vent out their stress and to encourage conversation around stress management. You can check out our documentation page here.

  • MIT Media Lab: Mind-Controlled Spermatozoa   ·   Research Assistant | Advisor: Ani Liu | 02/17-05/17

    This was an interdisciplinary project designed by artist Ani Liu as an expression of female empowerment - A women controlling the movement of sperm, something inheretly and symbolically male, with her mind through a brain-computer interface.
    I engineered the system to control the movement of sperm with Alpha brainwave via OpenBCI, a brain computer interface (Processing). The directional motility of sperm is gained through a phenomena known as galvanotaxis, where cells migrate towards a specific charge in an electric field. OpenBCI reads the electrical signals from the user's brain, and these signals are translated into commands for a microcontroller to change the direction of an electric field.
    Project page by Ani can be found here.