I have received generous support from many people in my journey and I'd love to share my experience through teaching and mentorship. This page documents my community involvements and awards I've received.




  • Adobe Women in Technology Scholarship Finalist   ·   2017
  • MIT EECS-Texas Instruments Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar   ·   2017-2018
  • Teaching Assistant for 11.111, the inaugural advanced negotiation class at MIT   ·   02/18-06/18

    • TA for the very first advanced undergrad negotiation class at MIT on applications in management, public policy, social entrepreneurship, international diplomacy, and scientific discovery
    • Shaped the pedagogy of negotiation by iterating on ways to capture and analyze case studies results
    • Provided individual feedback to students on communication, decision-making, and leadership skills through observing class dynamics and reading weekly student reflections

  • Teaching Assistant for for 6.810 Engineering Interactive Technologies   ·   09/18-present

    • Created teaching content for engineering interactive technologies
    • Provided design and technical guidance to students in coding, electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, and other related fabrication techniques and monitoring the machine shop

  • MIT MakerLodge Mentor   ·   02/17-06/18

    • Teach freshmen how to use 3D printer, laser cutter, bandsaw, drill press, and Arduino etc.

  • MIT Global Teaching Lab Israel   ·   01/2017

    • Designed a curriculum teaching entrepreneurship and product design to Israeli high school students and taught at four high schools in central Israel; each class consisted of 25 to 40 students